The Chest (before Loadouts took place)

Basics Edit

The chest is the players main source of gear, cosmetics and abilities.

  • Every single time the player uses a key they will get a random item from The Chest.
  • Every 50 levels, up to Level 100(?) increases your chances of getting an exotic. (0,5% from Levels 0-49, 1% from 50-99, 1,5% from 100+.)

Accessing the chest Edit

The chest can be accessed the use of Keys

Rewards Edit

Out of the chest you can get the following-

Cameras Edit

Ranged Camera

Streamlined Camera

Enhanced Camera


Baseball bats Edit

Baseball bat

Ranged Baseball bat

Streamline Baseball bat

Enhanced Baseball bat

Spiked Baseball bat

Metal chairs Edit

Metal chair

Ranged Metal chair

Streamline Metal chair

Enhanced Metal chair


Health boosts Edit

Health boost

Expert Health boost

Streamlined Health boost

Enhanced Health boost

Defensive boost

Stim boosts Edit

Stim boost

Expert Stim boost

Streamlined Stim boost

Enhanced Stim boost

Bubble shields Edit

Expert Bubble shield

Streamlined Bubble shield

Enhanced Bubble shield

Shield generator

First aids Edit

Ranged First aid

Streamlined First aid

Enhanced First aid


Trackers Edit


Expert tracker

Streamlined TrackerWerewolf


You know I had to do it to em

Extra wave

Head scratch

That's a cool trick

Literally dead

Exotic Edit




Exclusive Edit


Lamps Edit

Common Edit

Camping Lantern



Tech Lantern



Uncommon Edit

Pink Tech Lantern

Red Flashlight

Green Flashlight

Blue Flashlight

Red Clip-on

Green Clip-on

Blue Clip-on

Red Camping lantern

Green Camping lantern

Blue Camping lantern

Rare Edit

Bloody Drone

Laser Drone

Nightfall Drone

Laser Tech lantern

Glass Tech lantern

Nightfall Tech lantern

Razor Flashlight

Bloody Flashlight

Nightfall Flashlight

Razor Clip-on

Bloody Clip-on

Nightfall Clip-on

Razor Camping lantern

Bloody Camping lantern

Nightfall Camping lantern

Legendary Edit

Bunch of Glowsticks


Holiday lights (Christmas exclusive)

Chefs missing pumpkin head

Exotic Edit

Nightfall virus

Exclusive Edit

Gold nightfall virus

Survivors Edit

(I will just put another page in dedicated to survivor items.)

Duplicate rewards Edit

When opening the chest you have possibilities of getting duplicates, when you do get duplicates you get a set number of points and experience.

Common Edit

15 points, 50 Experience

Uncommon Edit

30 Points, 100 Experience

Rare Edit

50 Points, 150 Experience, 1 Token


100 Points, 300 Experience, 5 Tokens

Exotic Edit

500 Points, 3500 Experience, 25 Tokens

Exotic or Legendary drop Edit

There is a unique type of a key that will give the player a random legendary or exotic rarity item. The price is displayed below.

1 key =5000 Points


The chance of pulling a legendary or exotic item is balanced so its a 50/50 shot, use at your own free will.

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Trivia Edit

There is not a rare variant of the glowstick, however there is a legendary variant(bunch of glowsticks

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