Basics Edit

Spectator mode is a whole lot different from BTD as in this mode you can help or hinder your team.

There are only two things you can do while in spectator mode summon health or damage warps

Unlike spectating players, you can walk around on your own two feet( live players can't see a spectator).

The warps Edit

  • Health warps will heal players over time(stacks with health regen)both survivors and slashers can access these warps.
  • Damage warps will hurt the player over time slowly killing them, both slasher and survivors can be affected by this.
  • Warps affect health by a total of 50 per person, if they're standing in it from the start. 5 HP per second, for 10 seconds.

Getting into spectator mode Edit

There are three ways to be able to spectate

  1. Die- As soon as you die you can go through the spectator door
  2. Join in late- As soon as you join into a game late you can enter spectator mode.
  3. Simply don't enter the round queue- As when the game starts the door will open.
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