Basics Edit

The slasher is the main threat to the survivors, and is tasked with killing each and every one of them.

Ability Edit

An ability is the slasher's main asset in catching or downing survivors.

Tactics Edit

Camping Edit

Camping is the act of sitting near a downed survivor in attempt to catch more survivors, however camping is extremely easy to counter as when you revive someone you are invincible for a little bit of time.

Executions Edit

Executions are great ways of making sure the survivor doesn't get back up again. When the survivor is downed, the slasher can go up to the survivor, press Q (when the meter is full) which will play an animation of the slasher killing the survivor, which then will make the survivor die for good. There is an ability called Execute which is the same thing as execute, except it can be done while the survivor is alive, and is not affected by cooldown reductions. This can also be used on other slashers of the other team. The survivor may respawn as a slasher depending on game mode.


Customization is the ability to change the look of the slasher there are current 4 parts of cosmetics

  • Masks
  • Weapons
  • Packs
  • Ability cosmetics

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike in BTD, as a slasher your body is used but not packs or body accessories.
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