Basics Edit

Rarities are prefixes added on to items to display their efficiency.

Rarities Edit

Common- Edit

This is the most frequently found rarity, all items in this rarity tier have base stats

Uncommon- Edit

This is the second most frequently found tier of rarity items, items stats in this tier are changed a little bit but not nothing noticeable.

Rare- Edit

This tier is filled with average tier gear, gear stats are moderately changed.

Legendary- Edit

This is the second most rarest tier of items, gear in this tier are significantly changed show.Duration doubled, and (if possible to do damage) increases damage by 50%.

Exotic- Edit

This is the rarest tier in slash, all of the items in this tier don't have stat changes but instead have exotic exclusive gear.

Secondary rarities Edit

Exclusive- Edit

This tier of gear is exclusive to milestones of the players account, such as leveling up, and visiting the testing server.

Developer and admin- Edit

This tier is exclusive to developer and admin exclusive items

VIP Edit

This tier is exclusive to gamepass exclusive items

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