Basics Edit

  • Executions are the ability to eliminate a survivor from the match.
  • Every single time a survivor is executed the killer will regain a portion of his health, and will also grant some overshields.
  • Depending on the weapon used by the slasher affects which execution will play when a survivor is exucuted.
  • Execute has a cool down on it, so use it sparingly.

Tips Edit

  • While in modes where you fight the slasher (like juggernaut) when a survivor is downed quickly stun the slasher with items like the baseball bat or camera as when he is disabled he can't use his abilities( it can still attack though)
  • As a slasher when you you fight more experienced survivors use it on them as they can not come back once executed, but at the same time try to kill others as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Slasher can't be executed without an Invader, however they can be killed. However, in any Slasher VS Slasher mode, Slashers are downed normally, allowing them to be executed.
  • Depending on the mode, death will not remove you from the match but you will just respawn.
  • Here is the execution for team flag. Every lightsaber shares the same execution.


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